Health benefits of peaches

By: Kevin Tangeros, L.Ac., MSOM

Yesterday, I received some Michigan-grown peaches from one of my patients (Thanks Megan!). They’re delicious!

This amazing fruit has many health benefits! From a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective, peaches (Tao Zi) are sweet in flavor and have a neutral temperature. It enters both the lung and large intestine meridians which makes them beneficial for promoting saliva, relieving thirst, moistening the intestines and alleviating constipation. The pit of the peach (Tao Ren) also has medicinal benefits. It has been used for painful menstruation, abdominal pain, flank pain, abscesses of the lungs and allergies. Peaches have also been known to be a big supporter of the heart. So, be sure to pick up a few peaches next time you’re at the market!

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