“I can not say enough great things about Kevin. I am a nurse that believes in East meets West and he gets it. Kevin is so intelligent, in-tune, professional and listens to what is really going on. From the first visit when he just did his basic work up to now when he asks all the right questions. I swear I walk in and he already knows what’s bugging me. Kevin has gotten rid of my knee pain, helped me sleep better, helped bring me calm and made big strides for my crazy hormones. (I’m clearly a mess! Lol) He does all this while being pleasant and easy to talk to. If you haven’t tried acupuncture, Kevin is a great place to start and if you already love it you’ll know he’s the real deal.” -M.S.

“Kevin is a gifted and healing acupuncturist. I’m so happy to have found him and will be returning next week for more of his great work.” -D.B.

“Thank you Kevin. Had a great 2nd visit. Feeling really good again. 😁” -J.J.

“Kevin is great at what he does! Def puts you in a good mood and is very knowledgeable about his trade. Answered all my questions and made it easy to understand things about acupuncture. Definitely coming back!” -T.Z.

“Kevin is the only person I turn to when I need acupuncture. I had the best treatment ever today. If you aren’t already going to see him, you probably should!” -J.B.

“Kevin is AWESOME!!!! Had such a great and relaxing treatment. Will definitely come back again! ALSO, I was surprised to see such a variety of different Chinese herbs there!” -L.A.

“Kevin is compassionate and very detail oriented. He will truly listen and do his best to help.” -J.B.

“I feel great! I usually think I sleep pretty well but last night felt different, almost like I felt more rested this morning which was really nice. Also, I feel like I have more energy as well. Thanks so much!” -C.G.

“I highly recommend Life Healing Acupuncture. Kevin is incredibly knowledgeable. I first went to Kevin for back pain a few months ago. Through acupuncture and cupping Kevin has been able to help me reduce my pain to where I feel little or no pain most days. His detail oriented treatment has also helped me to manage my migraines and anxiety/emotional stress among other things. If you’re interested in acupuncture, cupping, herbs, Chinese medicine, go see Kevin!” -A.B.

“I honestly didn’t expect acupuncture to help my nagging L4-L5 sciatic pain, since I had everything from massage, epidural shots, chiropractic and minor surgery do little. Only surgery helped at all, until I re-aggravated it. Then I gave acupuncture a shot and went to see Kevin since he was close to my work. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and warned up front it would take more than one session to work. OMG. I did feel something change after the first session, but after the 2nd session, I was (and still am after 2 months) dumbfounded at how clearly effective it was at ridding the pain and feeling “more balanced”. I would definitely recommend Kevin to whomever his practice can help.” -J.C.

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